• Profiles and accessories for high performance unitized facades – extruded aluminum profiles in alloys 6063/T6, 6060/T5 and 6351/T6; sealing accessories as silicon coated EPDM gaskets, extruded silicone gaskets and special seals; movable elements (hinged leaves) with AISI 304 stainless steel fittings and multipoint closures
    • Facade system tested and approved in Brazil and the USA, suitable for facades with large spans and high wind pressures, big variety of facades geometries: straight, inclined, stepped and curved
    • Panels allow to accommodate movements of the building structure and of thermal origin: split transoms up to +/- 20mm vertically (slab movement) and split mullions +/- 2mm horizontally – for greater movements, consult the AURA System technical department
    • Anchors and hooks with adjustments for deviations of the building structure, for plumb, level and alignment adjustment +/- 40mm vertically and +/- 40mm in depth, for greater dimensional tolerances the AURA System technical department should be contacted
    • Optional glass edge protection profiles for monolithic and insulated glass, clicked and simply removed in case of glass replacement
    • High flexibility of solutions to meet special and tailor-made projects


  • Unitized curtainwall facade system for structural glazing, with 125mm, 120mm and 105mm gauges profiles (basic depths) and split widths 85mm (basic width), in extruded aluminum in alloys 6063/T6 and 6060/T5. Panel anchors and fittings, in extruded aluminum profiles in alloys 6351/T6 and 6060/T5: with horizontal sleeve on split transoms or with connection bar on split mullions
  • Unitized panels forming frames with 90° corners, fixed with AISI 304 stainless steel screws and sealed with silicone. Silicon coated EPDM gaskets, extruded silicone gaskets and special expansive seals to guarantee sealing and movement between panels – air and water barrier composed with 2 to 4 sealing lines according to performance criteria
  • Anchors and hooks in extruded aluminum in alloy 6351/T6 for fixing on the supporting building structure of reinforced concrete or steel, with chemical, mechanical anchors, inserts, lobular screws or prisoners
  • Dimensioning according to tolerance for adjustments of plumb deviations, level and alignment of the supporting building structure. Glass edge protection profiles in extruded aluminum in 6060/T5 alloy with click engagement on upright profiles and crosspieces
  • Frames and leaves for mobile elements (hinged leaves) in extruded aluminum profiles in 6060/T5 alloy – 45° frames closed and locked with expansive aluminum connectors, screwed on; eccentric and stainless steel connections guarantee alignment and sealing at the corners
  • 3 (three) sealing lines between frame and leaf, with silicon coated EPDM perimeter gaskets and stainless steel fittings with multipoint closure, anodized aluminum or with electrostatic painting according to the sample
Rod. Constancio Cintra, Km 79 - S/Nº
Bairro do Pinhal - Itatiba -SP
CEP: 13255-846



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