AURA 125CR TB brings all the technological advantages of the AURA 125C TB series, however what distinguishes it from the veteran are its straight lines, smaller leaf height (85mm) and capacity to receive glasses up to 42mm thick. The straight lines and the shorter height leaf aim to meet specific aesthetic requirements, thus expanding the options in the solution portfolio, for architects, end customers and therefore for frame manufacturers. ‘TB’ stands for Thermal Break, which accounts for high thermal and acoustic performance, provided by polyamide profiles, which make up the thermal break profile. AURA 125CR TB offers solutions with 2, 3 or more leaves for the assembly of monolithic and insulated glass, insulated with blinds between glasses, black-out and mosquito screens and the robustness of the profiles allows to overcome spans and greater weights.


    • The seal between the sliding sheets and the frames is made up of EPDM gaskets and brushes, and the 45° leaf frame ensures that these seals are not interrupted.
    • The drainage system provides internal flowage, allowing faster water to escape, avoiding internal overflow in stronger rains.
    • Tandem rollers ensure smooth rolling on solid extruded aluminum rails.
    • Solutions for interfaces with other AURA SYSTEM® series.
    • Own integrated shutter system, with or without motorization.
    • Profiles with Thermal Break can be bicoloured, with the external face different from the internal.
    • Constructive cutting, machining and assembly system optimized in all stages, ensuring high productivity and quality.
    • Stainless steel alignment brackets on the tabs of the leaf profiles, to guarantee perfect fit of the square at 45°.


  • Series of profiles with 125 gauge (basic frame depth of 2 rails 125mm) extruded in 6063 alloy, profile wall thickness up to 1.8mm for sliding doors and windows and / or fixed leaf.
  • Leaf with a depth of 52mm and height 85mm, with 30mm minimalist meeting rail option and the higher thermal performance of ‘thermal break’.
  • 45° frame and leaf frames with screwed connectors, built-in floor frame options (to meet accessibility criteria), monorail without frame, aluminum rails and stainless steel rails, frame for internal and external corner solutions with sealing guarantee.

  • Stainless steel alignment brackets, on the tabs of the leaf profiles, to guarantee perfect adjustment of the square at 45°.
  • Assembly of glasses (thickness up to 42mm) with pressure baguettes.
  • EPDM gaskets and perimeter brushes.
  • Internal drainage system in frame and leaf
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